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UgCLA Profile: Six Community Library Service

6 Community Library building

UgCLA Chairperson Kate Parry visits 6 Community Library

The Six Community Library Service is located in Mawero Solo in Busia District. The library was started by Mugisha George under a tree at Mayors Gardes.

George, while working in Kenya as a researcher for a community library, got the inspiration to create a library for the community of Busia in Uganda. By July 2010 the library was registered under UgCLA, and moved into a very small room that was donated by Bright College Mawero.

In 2011 the library applied for a Book Aid International Grant, which it received, and as of now the library is in phase 2 implementation of the grant. This grant has allowed the library to relocate once again. The library now is situated right beside a primary school.

6 Community Library children's wing

Children’s wing of 6 Community Library

It currently holds 900 books. Most people who use the library are children, but the library is trying hard to encourage adults to come read as well. The library is divided into two sections one for adult literature and the other for children literature.

In the previous building about 11 people visited the library on an average day, but The Six Community Library is hoping for that number to increase in its new building.

children reading books

Children read books at 6 Community Library

The library is involved with three important community outreach programs: hygiene program, computer training, and health reading camp. The Six Communities Library has progressed tremendously and its founder George is hopeful the library will continue to expand and serve the community in even larger ways once phase two of the Book Aid International Grant is completed.

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UgCLA-EIFL Health Reading and Computer Training Camps

On  8th-10th  July UgCLA held a training workshop for the Health Camps that it plans in five of its member libraries from 11th-16th August this year. The project is funded by EIFL (Electronic Information For Libraries), and the five participating libraries are Access Knowledge at the Buiga Sunrise project in Mukono District, Busolwe Public Library in Butalejja District, CFYDDI (Centre for Youth Driven Development Initiatives) near Gayaza in Wakiso District, the NambiSseppuuya Community Resource Centre at Igombe in Jinja District, and ORDISEF(Organisation for the Diffusion of Information on Society, Economy, and Finance) in Kasese.  A librarian attended from each of these libraries, together with a teacher and a health worker from the same community, and they all worked together to prepare themselves as facilitators of the Health Camps. They learnt how to teach basic computer skills, using software provided by the Maendeleo Foundation. They received ten sanitary kits for distribution to the girls who will participate in the campsand heard a presentation on feminine hygiene from a representative of the manufacturer,AfriPads. They heard a presentation from a health counsellor about sex education for adolescents. They discussed the camp curriculum that provided by UgCLA, previewed that books recommended for reading aloud to the participants, and discussed ways of assessing the participants’ learning.  Finally, each library received a collection of books, stationery, games, and other items for use during the camps. All the workshop participants took part enthusiastically in the activities and went away determined to make their camps a great success.

The workshop was held at Kabubbu Resort and Development Centre and was organized by Brenda Musasizi, UgCLA’s coordinator and Enoch Magala, the project coordinator, with the help of UgCLA’s intern from Youth In Development, Christine Madore. Kate Parry helped as a facilitator, and the Chairman and Secretary of UgCLA, Augustine Napagi and Justine Kiyimba, both attended.

UgCLA would like to thank the Kabubbu Resort for its hospitality, the Maendeleo Foundation and AfriPads for partnering with us and donating material, and EIFL, above all, for funding the project.

Participants at the workshop received a detailed curriculum to use when running the camp

Participants at the workshop received a detailed curriculum to use when running the camp.Each of the libraries that is to run a Health Camp received a large amount of equipment: books, stationery, equipment for playing games, routers for internet access, and in some cases computers. On the final day of the workshop everyone had a chance to look at the equipment before packing it up to take to their libraries.

Each of the libraries that is to run a Health Camp received a large amount of equipment: books, stationery, equipment for playing games, routers for
internet access, and in some cases computers. On the final day of the workshop everyone had a chance to look at the equipment before packing it up to take to their libraries.
Learning computer program

Most of the first evening of the Health Camps Training Workshop was spent on exploring software provided by the Maendeleo Foundation for teaching basic Computer skills. Asia Kamukama, a Director of the Foundation, came to explain the best ways of using the software, and she downloaded it onto the computers that participating libraries received for running the camps.                                                                                                       Kate Parry                                                          11 July 2014

African Storybook Project

African Storybook project Website launchThe African Storybook Project website has launched at www.africanstorybook.org. At the site you can find, read, and download stories in English, Afrikaans, or 22 African languages; create your own stories using a template; or translate and adapt stories for your audience. A wonderful resource for our UgCLA member libraries! There are currently 39 stories available in Luganda …

Kawempe Youth Centre newsletter (issue 17)

Ruth Bulyaba Mulondo at Kamwempe Youth Centre (KYC) says, “after 1 year of silence, KYC is back with its newsletter, that is produced 3 times a year, with the aim of informing you about what’s happening at KYC. We are in the process of developing an online version which will be out as our 18th edition.”
Read more about KYC happenings in the file below.