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UgCLA Profile: Six Community Library Service

6 Community Library building

UgCLA Chairperson Kate Parry visits 6 Community Library

The Six Community Library Service is located in Mawero Solo in Busia District. The library was started by Mugisha George under a tree at Mayors Gardes.

George, while working in Kenya as a researcher for a community library, got the inspiration to create a library for the community of Busia in Uganda. By July 2010 the library was registered under UgCLA, and moved into a very small room that was donated by Bright College Mawero.

In 2011 the library applied for a Book Aid International Grant, which it received, and as of now the library is in phase 2 implementation of the grant. This grant has allowed the library to relocate once again. The library now is situated right beside a primary school.

6 Community Library children's wing

Children’s wing of 6 Community Library

It currently holds 900 books. Most people who use the library are children, but the library is trying hard to encourage adults to come read as well. The library is divided into two sections one for adult literature and the other for children literature.

In the previous building about 11 people visited the library on an average day, but The Six Community Library is hoping for that number to increase in its new building.

children reading books

Children read books at 6 Community Library

The library is involved with three important community outreach programs: hygiene program, computer training, and health reading camp. The Six Communities Library has progressed tremendously and its founder George is hopeful the library will continue to expand and serve the community in even larger ways once phase two of the Book Aid International Grant is completed.

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Tomorrow is World Read Aloud Day!

World Read Aloud Day - March 5 2014 - Litworld.org

World Read Aloud Day – March 5 2014 – Litworld.org

Tomorrow, 5 March, is World Read Aloud Day. How will you celebrate? Here are some ideas (from LitWorld.org):

Connect.  Read aloud over video chat with someone who lives far away. Start a meeting at the office with an inspiring passage from a favorite book. Use Skype in the classroom to schedule an author to read aloud to your students.

Take the Challenge. Ignite your reading life with the WRAD Reading Minutes Challenge. Every minute you read will help us bring LitClubs and LitCamps to more children around the world.

Invite Others into the Movement. Join our wonderful WRADvocate Ambassadors and WRAD Partners in rallying the world to read aloud on March 5th. Download and use the WRAD banner and share the movement with as many people as you can.

Children reading at Nambi Sseppuuya

Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre success story

Ruth Ssebugya reports, “There was a big improvement in the Primary Leaving Examinations (P.L.E) 2013 performance  in Buwenge sub county [which is served by Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre] as opposed to other sub counties in Jinja district. Isa the centre’s  librarian also observed that schools benefiting from the centre’s activities were among those  with good performance like Buwenge parents with 44 first grades, Muguluka infants with 24 first grades.”

More evidence that libraries really do help their communities.

Scholarships for 2014 NEXT Library Conference, Chicago, USA

next libraryApply now for a scholarship to attend the Next Library (2014) conference in Chicago, USA. The invitation is open to librarians from under-resourced countries, and the application deadline is Monday, March 3, 2014. Follow the links at the end of this post to see if you are eligible, and to download an application form.

The 2014 NEXT Library Conference takes place in Chicago, Illinois (United States) on June 23-25, 2014. This global gathering of library innovators and leaders will explore the theme *Accelerate Learning* and is co-sponsored by Aarhus Libraries, Chicago Public Library,  Chicago Public Library Foundation and the Urban Libraries Council*.

A key goal of the NEXT Library Conference is to build an international community of library innovators who are imagining and creating public libraries that serve people’s learning and information needs in the 21stcentury.

To ensure that NEXT includes robust and diverse participation from throughout the world, a limited number of scholarships are available to support travel and conference registration fees for one week of conference attendance in Chicago. Scholarships will be awarded on a
competitive basis.

For more information about the 2014 NEXT scholarships and to download the application, please visit the NEXT Library website.  (http://www.nextlibrary.net/grant-next-library-2014).

Visit Next Library at: http://www.nextlibrary.net/?xg_source=msg_mes_network